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Outdoor Kitchen Revolution

Outdoor kitchens started out as a grill on the deck, but in recent years, there is a renaissance going on when it comes to outdoor spaces by adding complete cooking areas that enable you to be involved in the conversation while having everything you need. You can relax a bit more, stop running in and out for drinks, ingredients, or utensils. Your outdoor kitchen allows you to spend your time chatting while you cook – no need to prepare everything beforehand; now you have time to talk and enjoy.

Have Questions About Your New Outdoor Kitchen?

When you call, we can talk about your questions and give you some ideas based on design trends and experience from the outdoor kitchens we built. Here are some Outdoor Kitchen questions we hear frequently.

  • What kind of layout is best for my Outdoor Kitchen?
  • What can I build on my budget?
  • What features are possible with Outdoor Kitchens?

Outdoor Kitchens & Patio Integration

If you want to add on to your patio, adding an outdoor kitchen is a very practical option. You decide, simple or extravagant, not to mention the many types of grills and accessories such as refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, and don’t forget the lighting. No one wants to dirty up your kitchen and track in and out of the house. Not anymore – you can take it all outside!

Loveland Outdoor Kitchen Experts

We have extensive experience creating incredible outdoor kitchens and we always ensure complete satisfaction. Let Rocky Vista Flooring and Outdoor Kitchens build your high-quality outdoor kitchen. Let’s get started and take your outdoor oasis to a completely different aesthetic, increasing your home’s value in the process. We service Loveland, Berthoud, Fort Collins, and the entire Northern Colorado area. Contact us today for a free quote or Contact Us on our website, we’ll call you back ASAP.