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Best Options for Kitchen and Bath Flooring and Tile

There are many Kitchen and bathroom flooring and tile options. They are available in a surprising number of materials including ceramic, porcelain, cork, wood, composites, stone, and vinyl. While tile is what most people think of, there are many options available. Read a bit more and we hope your decision-making will get a little easier.
Vinyl Tiles
Vinyl is the most popular material for bathroom and kitchen flooring, because of its practicality and relatively low cost. It is well-suited for every kitchen and bathroom environment, and it outperforms most popular options regarding maintenance, safety, durability, and comfort. Vinyl tiles also offer aesthetic appeal with a wide variety of designs and textures.
Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
Stone look? Wood lookalike? Colorful tiles? Lattice-patterned squares? We can arrange ceramic and porcelain tile in any pattern you like. Ceramic also scores high for low maintenance performance although they will not be as comfortable for bare feet. Tile also allows for radiant floor heat. When you protect with glaze, ceramic will be scratch and wear resistant.
Glass Tiles
Aesthetic appealing, a glass floor tile offers the ability to create an illusion of depth. If tinted, you can even get a stained-glass effect. When installed properly, glass tiles are exceptionally durable. We recommend you select textured glass so you will not slip. Small glass tiles have lots of grout joints, which makes them slip-resistant. Keeping this in mind that customizing your shower floor and walls with glass tile squares will create an extravagant look in your bathroom.
Stone Tiles
Stone tiles were once only used in the foyer, but recently they started seeing use in other rooms as well, including the bathroom and kitchen. Stone made from or to look like limestone, marble, slate, and granite are widely available in multiple colors ranging from blues, reds, greens, creams, and yellows. Textures are just as numerous, including tumbled, sandblasted, cleft, flamed, and etched appearance. Stone will require maintenance as regular cleaning and sealing are recommended. Stone is typically a more expensive option.
Plastic Laminate Tiles or Planks
Plastic laminate tiles or planks are also a fantastic choice, especially if remodeling. They are similar to the plastic laminate, or Formica material used on kitchen countertops, still to this day. Plastic laminate tiles and planks are durable and very easy to maintain and keep clean.
Linoleum Floor Tiles
Linoleum is made of cork powder, wood flour, linseed oil, ground up limestone, and pigments for coloring. It is well-suited for the bathroom and naturally inhibits fungus and bacteria growth while being dust and dirt resistant.
Cork Tiles
Cork flooring is easy on the feet and warm and is available in a variety of colors. We apply multiple coats of polyurethane to seal the flooring and prevent saturation. Cork tiles are installed with an adhesive or as a floating floor.