Exterior Flooring

The Right Outdoor Flooring Makes Any Area Better

Choosing a floor for your yard, poolside, walkway, patio or pool decking is important, but can be challenging. In fact, most homeowners don’t know their options, which makes it impossible to make informed decisions. There’s plenty of options, but here are some of our favorites.

Composite Decking

Probably the most versatile, with a wide range of colors and appearance, composite decking gives outdoor patio flooring a rustic, comfortable feel or it can elicit a chic or modern look that will never go out of style.
Wood is expensive, especially right now, not to mention the cost of yearly staining and sealing adds up over time. We will work with you to determine when wood is better than composite.
Outdoor Tile
We have a secret, of maybe not a secret really but a confession nonetheless. Most stone or wood patios aren’t really stone or wood, they are really tiles. Outdoor tiles are more durable than most natural materials such as stone and wood, so you can get the best of both worlds without compromise.
Artificial Grass
Turf these days is much like composite decking. It looks incredibly like the real thing! In fact, you likely pass turf in yards all the time without knowing. Realistic turf can easily be incorporated into your outdoor floor surfaces for a variety of reasons. This can be accomplished with rolled turf or artificial grass deck tiles. A perfect solution for those who still crave a little grass in their outdoor space.
Outdoor Carpet
This is not your plush living room carpet. Outdoor carpet is a very short, low pile carpet that is similar to office or commercial carpeting. There are places where outdoor carpet makes the most sense.
Plastic Deck and Patio Tiles
Plastic draining tiles are the ultimate outdoor floor. They’re mold and mildew resistant and prevent slipping when wet. The vented surface allows for water drainage, so no standing puddles. The hard plastic tiles are UV stable, meaning the color is fade resistant even after years of UV exposure.
Rubber Flooring
Rubber is versatile as a flooring option, although it’s most often used as a gym, garage or play area floor. It is durable as well offering great slip resistance and shock absorbance. If your yard has playground equipment, it’s the best option.
Court Flooring
When we have nice weather, you’ll want to play outdoor games. Outdoor basketball courts, pickleball courts, shuffleboard courts, or whatever games you like to play can be a reality.
Foam Tiles
Foam? Really? Well, not all foam tiles are the same. Most low-cost options will fail in outdoor use. However, quality foam tiles are specifically designed to be used outdoors, and do particularly well near pools or water play areas. They are soft, slip-resistant, waterproof, and very durable, making the non-porous tiles on your pool deck fun, stylish and safe.
Brick gives a lot of options for color and pattern selection and is perfect for an outdoor fireplace, or cozy patio area. Brick is an often forgotten, but gorgeous outdoor flooring option.
Many of us are drawn to concrete because of its well-known performance. You really have to put effort in to destroy concrete, which means it’ll last you, probably forever.
As you read, there are lots of really great outdoor flooring options to choose from. It really comes down to location, preference and budget. When you’re ready to get going to make your dreams come true, give us a call!